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... for considering to contribute directly! By building, using, posting, and talking about Hangprinter, you're already doing what the Hangprinter Project is all about.

Contributing Improvements 🔬👷‍♀️

The maintainers are super grateful if you make a merge request, and submit it to the repo. See for example here for help with doing that.

If your improvement can't be structured into a request, the second best options are Gitlab issues, and the forum.

I've made a guide for how to contribute changes to hangprinter.org itself: here.

Supporting This Project With Money 💸💸💸

Lead developer tobben has a Github Sponsors campaign 💖. This is the most effective way to donate since it has no transaction fees.

All kinds of donations via Brave Browser are enabled.

Bitcoin donations are accepted on: 1BwobkC5Tb7psWkzCugtcH21ufj6Lc9mgY

Ether: 0x2245BD49e5259b4ef8Bac3918b90EA8F4DC1BFE5
Doge: DTqbfscE2FnPRSknrDBrseL1CahUvLKr4V
Cardano: Ae2tdPwUPEZ4ZnS1YaerWTaRg7b8cHD9nVqjVVZVohtygaXPCCTKTVBKRmh
Polkadot: 14VCVdEep7aTjVGbStcDNM6yCsgmuuT4ssoojxbzauz7tpFV
Kusama: GHe9frSyqC8CjXV86Vmu9hiETNFrpEcJboLLxVkYhhTwFFs

Merchandise can be bought here: Mechadise Sweden, and here: Mechadise US.