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... for considering to contribute directly! By building, using, posting, and talking about Hangprinter, you're already doing what the Hangprinter Project is all about.

Contributing Improvements 🔬👷‍♀️

The maintainers are super grateful if you make a merge request, and submit it to the repo. See for example here for help with doing that.

If your improvement can't be structured into a request, the second best options are Gitlab issues, and the forum.

Supporting This Project With Money 💸💸💸

Lead developer tobben has a Gihub Sponsors campaign 💖. This is the most effective way to donate since it has no transaction fees.

Monthly donations can also be set up via the Bountysource Salt Campaign.

All kinds of donations via Brave Browser are enabled.

Bitcoin donations are accepted on: 1BwobkC5Tb7psWkzCugtcH21ufj6Lc9mgY

Ether: 0x2245BD49e5259b4ef8Bac3918b90EA8F4DC1BFE5
Doge: DTqbfscE2FnPRSknrDBrseL1CahUvLKr4V
Cardano: Ae2tdPwUPEZ4ZnS1YaerWTaRg7b8cHD9nVqjVVZVohtygaXPCCTKTVBKRmh
Polkadot: 14VCVdEep7aTjVGbStcDNM6yCsgmuuT4ssoojxbzauz7tpFV
Kusama: GHe9frSyqC8CjXV86Vmu9hiETNFrpEcJboLLxVkYhhTwFFs

Merchandise can be bought here: Mechadise Sweden, and here: Mechadise US.